New Building Reps Wanted

If you are interested in being a HTA Building Rep for 2019-2020, please join us for an informational meeting on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 from 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. at the HTA Office.

Each school is entitled to one HTA rep for each 15 members on staff. 

Responsibilities of Building Representatives

1. Building Rep duties run from October to September. During September, each
building should hold an election for the upcoming year. Each building is allowed
one representative for every fifteen faculty members.
2. Building Reps attend monthly HTA Executive Board meetings and take notes.
Reps from the same building may alternate meetings or set up their own schedule
for attending.
3. Building Reps communicate with the team in their building to divide up
responsibilities such as distributing newsletters, dropping off materials at the HTA
office, etc.
4. Building Reps communicate with the faculty in their building to bring them news
and issues from the Board meetings, and to take their questions and concerns to
the next Board meeting or to an appropriate HTA committee/executive board member.
5. Building Reps post information monthly in the faculty room(s).
6. Building Reps request time to speak to HTA members at the beginning or end of
faculty meetings.
7. For HTA elections, Building Reps distribute ballots, safeguard the ballot box, and
collect and return ballots on the deadline day. (Unless they are on the ballot)
8. Building Reps distribute materials coming from HTA as quickly as possible.
9. Building Reps direct questions or problems to the appropriate committee. Do not
make any assumptions. Do not pass on incorrect information.


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