October 2022 Common Purpose


The monthly Newsletter of the Holyoke Teachers Association

Peter McAndrew, President; Quentin Donohue, Vice President; Brigetann Reilly, Secretary; Scott Taupier,Treasurer; Kathleen Engelson and Anne Brennan, Membership, At Large

President’s Message

By now, you have settled into the school year and become comfortable in your routine with your students. As you do, please consider what you may be able to do to contribute to the HTA and its efforts to make education in Holyoke better for her students and their teachers. Maybe you can serve as a building rep, on a committee, or maybe you simply have some ideas to share. However, you feel that you can contribute, please remember that your voice is always welcome. Reach out to your building representative or any member of the Executive Board to become involved. 

TOGETHER WE CAN make a difference!

Pete and the Executive Board


The October meeting of the Holyoke Teachers Association Board of Directors (also known as the “Union Meeting”) was held on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 4:15 pm at the HTA Office, 476 Appleton Street, Suite #6, Holyoke, MA. 

The November Meeting will be held Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 4:15 pm. at the HTA Office, 476 Appleton Street, Suite #6, Holyoke, MA. If your building does not have representation, please consider joining us.


 The Board of Directors will be composed of one Faculty Representative for each fifteen members in a school. Each school shall have at least one Faculty Representative. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Union Rep, please join us at a meeting to see what it is all about!

Membership News

Attention all teachers!!

If you have changed your name or address within the last 2 years,  please notify either Katie Engelson (kengelson@hps.Holyoke.ma.us)  or Anne Brennan ( abrennan@hps.Holyoke.ma.us) as well as HR. The HTA needs to know so that MTA has your correct information and only bills for you once.

IMPORTANT RIGHTS: Your Weingarten Rights

Weingarten rights guarantee an employee the right to union representation whenever an employer’s investigatory interview could lead to discipline. The MTA has prepared some very informative reading about these rights for you. If you have any questions about your rights during any situation, always feel free to reach out to your union representative or a member of the Executive Board.


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