Questions, re: Proposed Contract for 2022

Several people have inquired about when the Membership will know what is in the “proposed contract” that Superintendent Soto referenced in his message to the community last week.

The HTA held an informational Zoom meeting to answer people’s questions on Monday, June 27th. This was attended by over 40 members. All questions that were brought forth were answered to the best of our knowledge at this time. 

Most questions were about the changes to the school day. These were addressed. They are to the students’ days, not the teachers’. Teachers’ schedules will still follow the individual School Operational Plans. If people have individual questions, they are encouraged to reach out to their building representatives or to a member of the Executive Board, as usual. 

A written summary of all proposed changes to the contract will be provided to the membership at a General Membership meeting to be held in August/September. This is what needs to be done, per the HTA bylaws. All members will be notified of this General Membership meeting through their HTA representatives, via their personal emails and through school emails.

In the meantime, know that the Negotiations Team is still hard at work buttoning up all the things that need to be done to get a comprehensive package prepared for the membership to vote on in the Fall.

Enjoy your summer.

The Executive Board: Pete, Quentin, Briget and Scott


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