President’s Update

Members of the HTA,

The receivership is a big change for Holyoke; it’s too soon to know if it’s a case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

One important factor is the turnover in the teaching staff. Commissioner Chester, on the advice of Holyoke administrators, terminated or non-renewed 78 teachers, including 4 who had PTS. In addition, many veteran teachers decided that this was the time to leave, going to places as far from here as Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard. It’s too early to say exactly how many of our veteran members will be gone come September. Good luck to them, and kudos to all those who have stayed to try and create the best possible schools for Holyoke students.

One important task for all of us is to reach out to new teachers, to help them get their bearings, to be there for advice about professional issues, and to tell them about the union. Let’s make sure we identify the new teachers in our buildings and then make a plan so that an HTA member reaches out to every single new teacher in the district. Let us use this as an occasion to create solidarity among educators. We don’t yet have a full understanding of what Dr. Zrike will be like, but he has reached out to the union, met with us, and treated us with respect. It’s a good sign, but he was clear that he will be bringing issues to the bargaining table, and the rules for state receivership give him extra leverage in those negotiations.

Some people have asked about my own situation. It’s the same as it was last year at this time: the employer says I am fired, the union contests that, arguing that I was terminated because of my union activity. The state labor board had a preliminary hearing on July 29. Both last year and this year the board ruled in favor of the union, saying that there was “probable cause” to believe I had been fired for my union activity. Last year the employer settled before the case went to a full hearing; this year we don’t yet know whether the employer will settle or force us to go to a full hearing, which would come a couple of months from now.

I look forward to all of us working together in September to meet our challenges. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or problems by all means be in touch.
In solidarity,

Gus Morales
HTA President


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