President’s Update

Members of the HTA,
I just had a very positive meeting with the superintendent where we discussed several of the issues facing Holyoke teachers. We talked about the future of Holyoke and the need to be on the same page. We both contributed ideas to the conversation and I have hopes that this is the first step in building a better relationship with the administration through open and honest dialogue.
As for the situation with the commissioner, the superintendent doesn’t know much outside of what he’s already revealed in his letter addressed to the HPS staff. As I learn more I will relay the information to you all. We are facing a situation where there is no familiarity, but we must face it together. The forces that work against our city mean to disrupt our way of life.
Some of you take issue with my words and I understand the reluctance to accept the situation as it is because it is scary. Here is what the commissioner had to say to a reporter today (full story out tomorrow): “The educators are robbing the youth of Holyoke of a brighter future.” If that doesn’t ring as a declaration of intent, then I’m not sure what will. That comment is a direct attack on every single teacher in our city who gives everything they have to Holyoke on a daily basis.
I stand ready to defend every single one of you against any who would try to besmirch the good name of Holyoke.
In Solidarity,
Gus Morales

HTA President

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