President’s Message

Members of the HTA,

I am glad to be back in the classroom. It is a tremendous feeling to again be working with the students and families in our community and teaching alongside the great teachers of Holyoke.

This fight was not just about me. As noted in the joint press release, the issue of teacher evaluations—both their use and implementation—affects all of us in the profession, and this conclusion helps ensure that educators will be properly evaluated.

Throughout this struggle I have gained an even deeper appreciation of union membership. Even though I am the elected president of the HTA, it should be clear to everyone that the real power of the HTA comes from its ability to work collectively. I am truly grateful for the support I received from the HTA and my brothers and sisters in the Massachusetts Teacher Association. I hope all HTA members can see in this outcome, the value of union membership.

It is time to move forward. I am really glad that my own situation will no longer distract us – union and school alike – from addressing the major issues and carrying out the hard work of protecting public education against those outside forces altering it in ways that are destroying it.

Thank you for all the support and I look forward to continuing to serve the teachers of Holyoke.

Gus Morales

HTA President


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