Presidents Message 9-18-14

Members of the HTA,


We have a lot going on in our district. Recently, many of you have taken me up on my offer to email me with concerns/issues. I am pleased with the response so far. I, along with the Executive Board, have been looking to resolve any issues we come across.


Recently, I began implementation of a new initiative that I hope will help to put us all on the same page. The goal is to meet with one school per week. This is meant to be an informal discussion about any pressing matters that YOU, the members, wish to discuss.


I met with Morgan teachers last week and I met with Dean teachers this week. Between the emails and the issues raised at these meetings, it is clear that much work is needed. Feel free to continue emailing and reaching out.


We are in the early stages of planning a New Members’ social and it’d be great to have some of our veteran teachers assist in putting this together. Also, if you have ideas you’d like to share about things you’d like to see, do not hesitate. This is OUR union. None of us stand alone.


Some important upcoming dates:


  • Tuesday, Sep. 23 – Meeting with Kelly teachers @ 3:15 (please pass this along)

  • Thursday, Oct. 2 – Forum at Westfield State University featuring Pasi Sahlberg @ 6:30

  • Tuesday, Oct. 7 – Board Meeting @ 3:30

In Solidarity,

Gus Morales

HTA President

As always, feel free to contact me with any union-related concerns. Also, for the most recent updates see:


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